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CXJ GROUP (ticker symbol: ECXJ) positions itself as a car owner service provider and a car owner e-commerce platform. Its core advantage lies in car exhaust treatment equipment and R&D and application of accessory products, which well illustrates the enterprise mission “for the blue sky”. Therefore, ECXJ CSR’s is closely related to environment protection. 

ECXJ’s CSR Strategy Planning (abstract)

1. To set up a special fund "I love the blue sky" jointly with the public welfare foundation at home and abroad to support the popularization of vehicle exhaust treatment technology in China and other countries along One Belt One Road. 


2. To Launch the "Blue Sky Station" public welfare campaign with international environmental protection agencies, sponsoring 20,000 vehicle emission monitoring and control centers--“Blue Sky Station” around the world in three years, so that more car owners can become guardians of the blue sky by protecting the green mountains, and blue waters, as well as the earth homeland. 

3. To cooperate with universities at home and abroad to sponsor the establishment of "Blue Sky Laboratory" to promote the research and application of automobile exhaust control technology and clean energy technology. 

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