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Chejiangling Club, as a brand of ECXJ Group, is committed to building a car owner community characterized by a high cohesion, high interaction and precise business value with automobile service as the starting point.            

The company adheres to the business philosophy of "becoming a trustworthy community service brand for car owners" and concentrates on building a community-based auto service shop featuring "focus", "transparency" and "convenience", trying to change the current situation of improper repair, low maintenance efficiency, opaque parts price, etc. in the automotive aftermarket. We intend to provide customers with convenient car service about 3 kilometers (10 minutes drive) away from their residential areas.

Through brand and project operation, the Chejiangling Club has launched five core service projects and N supporting projects, namely, car beauty, engine system maintenance, gearbox system maintenance, brake system safety maintenance and air conditioning system cleaning maintenance. Our automobile after-sales service, as a new customer experience, has been widely recognized by the market and users due to the powerful information management and control and Internet technology application. It has fundamentally replaced the pattern of scattered operation, irregular operation and uneven product quality of traditional automobile maintenance enterprises. All stores are under standardized management and control in terms of technology and management, which can not only provide customers with fast, convenient and thoughtful services, but also build a strong market competitiveness by virtue of our own technical, network and brand advantages.    

In July 2019, the first chain store of Chejiangling club started trial operation in Foshan, Guangdong; in November 2019, the number of the chain stores of Chejiangling club exceeded 100. According to the plan, 2000 physical stores of Chejiangling club will be started throughout China.         

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