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Core Technology

1.Micro Explosive Agent 

When the fuel is ignited, the ignited oil mist can burst into smaller units, and the radiation area increases rapidly, thus achieving the effect of instant combustion and power enhancement, resulting in more complete combustion, less fuel consumption and power enhancement. This kind of effect is like fireworks which bursts in the air, achieving a bigger and further burning effect. 

2.Phase Change Catalysis Technology

The NO compound can be easily formed when nitrogen in the air is under high temperature and high pressure. H₂O, CO and CO₂ can be formed by gasoline combustion, wherein H₂O further decomposes under the action of high temperature, high pressure and catalyst to form H₂ and O₂, such that part of O₂ combines with CO to form CO₂, and H₂ can also combine with O₂ to form a secondary combustion. When the water decomposes, the heat absorption can take away the temperature of the engine, reduce the content of NO compounds, and reduce the sound produced by the heat dissipation of the engine. At the same time, the secondary combustion can improve the engine power by about 20%. 


A good cosolvent can help alcohols and gasoline better dissolve each other at low temperature without stratification. The cosolvent is like two hands, holding the gasoline molecule with one hand and the alcohol molecule with another. Higher temperature predicts better solubility between them. In normal winter, when the temperature is too low, alcohols and gasoline will be stratified. However, under the effect of a good cosolvent, it can be ensured that they will not be stratified at - 35 ℃.  

4.Aviation Lubrication Technology

The oil pump and cylinder need lubricating oil. The carbon chain of ethanol methanol is relatively short, and the friction coefficient is relatively large. Thus, too much ethanol or methanol will result in relatively high friction loss of the engine. The unique aviation lubricating oil, which uses circular friction instead of direct friction, has strong adhesion and is attached to the inner wall of engine and oil-way. Thus, our product can maintain the engine inner wall, oil pump and oil-way, reduce the corrosion caused by friction, extend the maintenance period, protect the rubber ring and reduce the swelling degree. 

5.Molecular Kinetic Energy Regulator  

The higher the temperature is, the faster the molecules move. The molecular kinetic energy regulator can restrain the molecular movement at a temperature higher than 32 degrees, so that the molecular can hold together, which can solve the air resistance problem in summer. When the temperature is lower than 20 degrees, it can prevent the molecular from holding together, which can solve the difficult ignition problem in winter. 

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