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 For gasoline


• It can be stored, transported, and used under normal temperatures. As for storage, ordinary metal or plastic containers can be used in place of high-pressure cylinders.

• It solves alcohol-based liquid fuel’s problems of low calorific value, low furnace fire, low heat efficiency, high consumption, and being environmentally-friendly but not economical.

• It significantly makes improvement in such aspects as calorific value, viscosity, and flame temperature.



Features of ECXJ Fuel for Gasoline:


It improves power, reduces fuel consumption, removes carbon deposits, extends the service life of the engine, reduces exhaust emissions by more than 50%. It can be mixed with any gasoline without turbidity or suspension

2. Thermal efficiency:           

 Alcohol-based fuel can be completely combusted. Compared with traditional gasoline, it has a higher combustion heat. In addition, it can burn faster, improve the thermal cycle conditions after combustion, and significantly improve the combustion efficiency.


At present, the price of the car exhaust cleaning agent is about 4500 yuan/ton; when it is mixed with gasoline, the price of the mixed fuel is 6000yuan/ton, which has a great price advantage compared with the latest retail price of refined oil in Guizhou Province, China on May 26, 2018 (gasoline #92: 8100 yuan/ton; gasoline #95: 9100 yuan/ton). The production cost of the fuel will be further reduced.

4. Practicability:            

Compared with gasoline, liquefied petroleum gas, kerosene and diesel oil, the ECXJ fuel has light air pollution; compared with coal, firewood and other solid fuels, it can significantly reduce environmental pollution and facilitate storage and transportation; compared with natural gas, it needs no expensive pipeline transportation system. Other than automobiles, the fuel can be widely used as civilian fuel in large, medium and small industrial boilers, and such places as restaurants and grand hotels.

5. Safety:

The eco-friendly fuel is non-toxic to the human body, easy to store (both iron barrels and plastic barrels can be used), has high anti-explosion performance and a high ignition point. The flame can be extinguished by water, thus making it safer than petroleum fuel, natural gas fuel and urban gas fuel.



For Civilian Use


The super clean fuel for civilian use is mainly composed of alcohol (such as methanol, ethanol, butanol, etc.). In the form of liquid or solid, it is also a kind of biomass energy, and like nuclear energy, solar energy, wind energy and hydraulic energy, it is an environmentally-friendly and clean energy promoted by governments of many countries. It can be made from coal, fossil oil, natural gas or biomass with simple production flow and matured technologies.



Features of Super Clean Fuel for Civilian Use


1. Its features such as low price, safety, cleaning, convenience and easy access to raw materials make it a biomass clean energy encouraged by the government.

2. It can be stored, transported, and used under normal temperatures. As for storage, ordinary metal or plastic containers can be used in place of high-pressure cylinders.

3. Alcohol-based fuel has obvious economic advantages - compared with gasoline, diesel and liquefied gas, it has higher thermal efficiency.

It can enter thousands of households in place of liquified gas, or can be used as boiler fuel for hotels and company canteens in place of diesel fuel, or used as other industrial fuel.

Alcohol-based fuel can be applied to restaurants, industrial kilns, or be added into gasoline or diesel oil to synthesize a new fuel.

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