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Feasibility Report of ECXJ Super-clean Fuel
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  • Update time:2020-1-21
  • Contents of Feasibility Report of ECXJ Super-clean Fuel(for Overseas Market)


    1. Project Overview

    2. Project Background and Feasibility Analysis

    2.1 Project Background

    2.1.1 Company Overview

    2.1.2 Project Background

    2.2 Feasibility Analysis

    2.2.1 Development of Super-clean Fuel Market

    2.2.2 Competitive Edge of Super-clean Fuel

    2.2.3 Market Analysis and Forecast of Super-clean Fuel

    3. Southeast Asia Market Analysis of Super-clean Fuel

    3.1 Analysis of Southeast Asia Market Demand

    4Introduction of Super-clean Fuel

    4.1 Introduction of Super-clean Fuel

    4.2 Technical Principle

    4.2.1 Micro Explosive Agent 

    4.2.2.Phase Change Catalysis Technology

    4.2.3 Cosolvent

    4.2.4.Aviation Lubrication Technology

    4.2.5.Molecular Kinetic Energy Regulator  

    4.3 Classification and Uses

    4.3.1 Light Super Clean Fuel for Gasoline Super Clean Fuel for Civilian Use

    4.3.2 Heavy Super Clean Fuel for Diesel Oil Marine Fuel Oil (heavy oil) Additive Boiler Fuel Oil Additive)

    5. Technology Plan

    5.1 Manufacturing Technique

    5.2 Main Production Equipment

    5.3 Raw and Auxiliary Materials

    6. Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction and Carbon Trading Value

    6.1 Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction

    6.2 Carbon Trading Value

    7. Energy Saving Analysis of Super-clean Fuel Project

    7.1 Energy Conservation Background and Objectives

    7.2 Energy Saving Quantity Analysis            

    7.2.1 Power Consumption  

    7.2.2 Energy Saving

    7.2.3 Water Consumption

    8. Comprehensive Evaluation of Super-clean Fuel Project

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